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Vapor Couture Review | Top E-Cigarette Reviews 2015

Price: $58.45 with coupon

  • Flavors: 6
  • Nicotine Levels: 4
  • Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


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Mike Powell - Electronic Cigarette ExpertHighly anticipated among all women vapers, Vapor Couture has been a huge success as the first electronic cigarette created specifically for women.  Utilizing the cutting edge technology of V2 Cigs, but adding another level of style, elegance, class, and a little bit of bling, Vapor Couture is a great choice for your e-cig.

With prices just slightly higher than other top ranked brands, most women are quick to jump on the product that isn’t just another e-cigarette, but makes them feel good.  With two new flavors recently released, Vapor Couture is still growing and the girls are loving it!  Their website states they are also working on a clothing collection to match their popular electronic cigarette styles.

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are in a league of their own.  If you’re a women wanting a stylish e-cig, but don’t want to compromise on quality, there’s really no other brand that can compare.

Starter Kits

  • VC Essentials Kit – $64.95 – 10 Flavor Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Mini Smart Charger, and 1 Wall Charger.
  • VC Deluxe Kit – $79.95 – – 10 Flavor Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 VC Clutch, 1 VC Lanyard + Charm, 1 Mini Smart Charger, and 1 Wall Charger.

Note: All prices are shown without savings from our exclusive coupon codes.


Vapor Couture has a few unique features that set it apart from the crowd.  The e-cigarette is actually much slimmer than any other brand, which gives it a nice slim girly feel.  The battery also has a signature crystal jewel tip, to give it some sparkle.  Most electronic cigarettes would simply have a small LED bulb at the tip.

Vapor Couture Stylish DesignVapor Couture has a one-of-a-kind design, which is rare in the e-cig world.  Again, it’s nice to know the brand is designed and operated from the makers of V2 Cigs, which is widely known as one of the top e-cig brands out there.  Each cartridge is labeled with the results of the e-liquid batch testing to ensure consistent quality with every puff.

The unique style doesn’t just end with their e-cigarette.  Vapor Couture has a hip line of chic, fashionable accessories that remind me of high-end Saks Fifth Avenue handbags, sunglasses cases, and purses.  You won’t be afraid to put your e-cig on display with their accessory line up.


Vapor Couture CartridgesVC now offers 6 flavors all tailored with the female palette in mind.  Backed by quality standards set by V2, these provide smooth, thick, great tasting vapor.  Each pack of cartridges is wrapped in their blister packaging to ensure the taste is as fresh as possible when it arrives at your doorstep.

Vapor Couture Flavor Cartridges are available in 6 flavors and 4 nicotine levels:

  • Bombshell (Rich, Smooth Tobacco), Rodeo Drive (All-American Tobacco), Fresh Mint, Passion Fruit, Strawberry Champagne, and Arctic Mint
  • Full (1.8%), Medium (1.2%), Light (0.6%), Zero (0%)

The cartridges are offered in same the four color/pattern options available for batteries.  You can match to give your e-cig a uniform look or create a mix to give it your own personal touch.


Vapor Couture BatteriesVapor Couture batteries are simply stunning.  With 4 patterns available, you can be picky about your look and still find at least one style that you love!

Four gorgeous patterns are available for both the batteries and cartridges.

  • Brushed Platinum with a Sparkling Pink Jewel Tip
  • Deep Purple with a Clear White Jewel Tip
  • Rose Gold with a Gold Jewel Tip
  • White Signature with a Purple Jewel Tip

Girls love diamonds and that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I look at the Vapor Couture batteries.  These batteries are ultra-slim, but still feature a 3.7V, 150mA rating to provide plenty of vapor and with a 6 hour battery life and 1 hour charge time you won’t be left hanging.


Vapor Couture Clutch AccessoriesPossibly the best part about Vapor Couture is their must-have accessory collections.  Found in the deluxe kit, our favorite is the VC Clutch.  Unlike most e-cig carrying cases that just hold your gear, this kit takes it to another level.  Although it does store 2 batteries and 4 cartridges, it also features a small pocket for a charger, a mirror to check your look, and a magnetic closing exterior pocket to hold your ID and credit card.

This kit also includes the  and VC Lanyard and Charm so your e-cig is handy when you need it.  Another popular accessory for those that want to keep their neckline clear, but don’t mind something around the wrist is their VC Bracelet and Charm.

Each fashion accessory comes with multiple color options such as Dark Silver, Metallic Purple, Metallic Pink, or sleek Black.  Add on charms to hold extra bling and carrying capacity for batteries or cartridges.

Our Recommendation

If you’re a female and you like pretty things, Vapor Couture is a clear winner.  You will find style like no other and superior quality, technology, and customer service to back it up.  If you can spare just a few extra dollars for a classy kit, you won’t find a better looking product with the latest designs and flavors.

We recommend the VC Deluxe as the best value kit which includes everything you need to get started with Vapor Couture as well as the VC Clutch and VC Lanyard+Charm.

  • Shipping – Free shipping available.
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty on all electric components.
  • Guarantee – 30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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