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V2 Cigs Review | Top E-Cigarette Reviews 2017

Price: $44.95 with coupon

  • Flavors: 10
  • Nicotine Levels: 5
  • Delivery Time: 1-3 Days
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


V2 Cigs Coupon Codes:

  • Smokeless – Get 10% off everything in the V2 Cigs store.

Enter the coupon before the final order confirmation (Step 5) when you checkout.

Mike Powell - Electronic Cigarette ExpertThe competition is tough, but V2 Cigs stands out as one of the best e cigarette on the market.  With the lowest price, better features, and a larger selection than other brands, it’s easy to see why V2 Cigs is consistently the most popular and best selling electronic cigarette.

V2 Cigs E-Cigs

With V2 Cigs you will get an e cigarette that fits your needs, perfectly.  V2 has something for everyone, and if not their superior customer service will create a custom order just for you.

Starter Kits

  • V2 Standard Plus Kit – $99.95 – Recommended! – 10 Flavor Cartridges, 2 Rechargable Batteries, 1 Smart Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, and 1 Portable Charging Case.
  • V2 Standard Kit – $64.95 – 10 Flavor Cartridges, 2 Rechargable Batteries, 1 Smart Charger and 1 Wall Adapter.
  • V2 Economy Kit – $49.95 – 10 Flavor Cartridges, 1 Rechargable Battery, 1 Smart Charger and 1 Wall Adapter.
  • V2 Couples Kit – $124.95 – 20 Flavor Cartridges, 4 Rechargable Batteries, 2 Smart Chargers and 2 Wall Adaptesr.
  • V2 Travelers Kit – $139.95 – 15 Flavor Cartridges, 2 Rechargable Batteries, 1 Smart Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, 1 Car Adapter, 1 Portable Charging Case, and 1 Notebook-Cig.
  • V2 Ultimate Kit – $159.95 – 25 Flavor Cartridges, 3 Rechargable Batteries, 1 Smart Charger, 1 Wall Adapter, 1 Car Adapter, 1 Portable Charging Case XL, 1 Metal Carry Case, 1 Power-Cig and 1 Lanyard.

*Each kit is custom made (battery colors, cartridge flavors, nicotine strength, battery length, etc).

Note: All prices are shown without savings from our exclusive coupon code.


V2 Cigs - Best Selling Electronic CigaretteV2 Cigs is an industry innovator with e cigarettes designed by engineers in California and Florida.  Most electronic cigarette companies use the same few designs from China-based suppliers and simply slap their logo on the front.  V2 Cigs has top notch quality control on every component with batch testing that can be verified on their website.

With impressive packaging and the largest selection of kits, flavors, features, and sevices, V2’s design is tough to beat.  No matter your preference or style, we’re sure you can find something you like on at the V2 Store.


V2 Cigs CartridgesV2 Cigs has great tasting cartridge flavors and plenty of them.  Each order is sealed in foil to preserve freshness with an expiration date, so you know your cartridges are fresh.  You can be confident in what you’re getting by checking their complete list of ingredients that is published on their website.  Each cartridge is the equivalent of about 1 pack of regular cigarettes and will produce about 150-220 puffs.

V2 Cartridges are available in 10 flavors and 5 nicotine levels:

  • V2 Red (American Tobacco), Congress (Refined Tobacco), Sahara (Turkish Tobacco), Menthol (Refreshing Mint), Peppermint (Sweet Mint), Mint Tea, Coffee, Vanilla, Chocolate, Cherry, Custom, and Variety
  • Extra (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Medium (1.2%), Light (0.6%), Zero (0%)

One feature that is popular among some of the more advanced ecig users is V2 E-liquid.  You can pick your favorite flavors, purchase empty cartridges, and make your own cartridges.  We don’t recommend this for most users due to the inconvenience of storing and filling.

Want to try something new?  V2 offers variety packs so you can test a new flavor without buying a whole pack.  If you’re feeling really adventurous, talk to their top notch customer service about designing your very own custom flavor.


V2 Cigs Battery LengthV2 Cigs 4.2V lithium-ion batteries are both responsive and powerful.  They offer 3 sizes with different capacities.  The longer the battery, the larger you can use it without a charge.  You can choose based on your style and capacity needs.

Think about where and how often you will be using your e-cigarette.  While the shorter ones are easier to carry in your pocket, the long cig will last a lot longer.

When you’re ordering a starter kit, we recommend choosing at least one long battery since you pay the same price regardless of your battery selection.

  • Shorty – 100mm – 160+ puffs – 2 hour charge time
  • Standard – 110mm – 200+ puffs – 2-3 hour charge time
  • Long – 140mm – 300+ puffs – 4 hour charge time

Unlike a lot of brands that charge you extra to customize your battery style, V2 lets you pick from four different color combinations.

  • Classic White with a Red LED
  • Sleek Black with a Blue LED
  • Stainless Steel with a Blue LED
  • Metallic Blue with a White LED

V2 Cigs BatteryThere’s one more feature that sets V2 apart from the other e cigarette brands.  You can choose between automatic, which is easier to use and activates when you inhale, or manual, which has a small button to press when you want the vapor to be produced.

We recommend the automatic version if you’re a new e cigarette user, like the easy to use feature, or want your batteries to last a little longer.  Manual is great if you will always have a free hand to push the small black button that produces extra thick vapor.


V2 Cigs Charging CaseAs you may expect, V2 has a huge selection of feature packed accessories.  Our favorite is the impressive Portable Charging Cases that can charge your batteries without a power source.  Sized smaller than a pack of regular cigarettes, you can charge up to 8 standard batteries with the XL version.

These cases are so handy and durable you can bring them along wherever life takes you without worrying about running out of charge.

V2 also offers soft shell as well as metal cases in a variety of colors and styles to keep all your V2 gear protected and safe.  Take a look in the V2 store to see the always expanding variety of additional accessories.

Our Recommendation

V2 Cigs is one of our top ranked e-cigarette brand.  V2 goes above and beyond with every aspect of the business from the initial design, to the quality controlled production, to their top notch customer service.  When someone tries V2 Cigs for the first time, they’re not very likely to go back to their old brand.

We recommend the Standard Plus Kit which comes with all the essentials including 2 batteries, 10 cartridges, and a portable charging case.  If you’re not sure if you will like e-cigarettes, they do offer lower priced starter kits, but you can’t beat the value in the Standard Plus kit.

  • Shipping – New! Free shipping in the US with no minimum order required.
  • Warranty – Lifetime warranty on all electric components.
  • Guarantee – 30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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