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Blu Cigs Review | Top E-Cigarette Reviews 2015

Price: $69.95

  • Flavors: 7
  • Nicotine Levels: 4
  • Delivery Time: 3 Days
  • Free Shipping: Yes
  • Money Back Guarantee: 30 Days


Mike Powell - Electronic Cigarette ExpertBlu Cigs are popular, but they are not recommended for a few different reasons.  Blu was one of the first companies to start advertising, and it really paid off.  They became the first “cool” electronic cigarette brand, with their signature blue tip. If this is the only thing that’s important to you, than you may be satisfied with Blu, but I believe you can do better. While Blu was busy with marketing and advertising, other companies were putting their effort into developing their better product.  Brands such as V2 Cigs have created innovative, quality e-cigarettes and have grown in popularity by providing the best products on the market.

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Blu Cigs aren’t all bad.  They do offer some tasty flavors and their premium pack has some unique features.  Unfortunately, their customer service, battery life, and cartridge quality leave most customers wishing they had picked a different brand.

Starter Kits

  • Premium Starter Kit – $79.95 – 5 Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Smart Pack, 1 Wall Charger, and 1 USB Charger.
  • Premium100 Starter Kit – $89.95 – Longer Lasting – 5 Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Smart Pack, 1 Wall Charger, and 1 USB Charger.
  • Original Starter Kit – $69.95 – 5 Cartridges, 2 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Pack, 1 Wall Charger, and 1 USB Charger.


One thing most people seem to appreciate about Blu electronic cigarettes is the design.  Their e-cigarettes are attractive and come in both classic white or sleek black and they all come with the well known blue light.  This may come as an advantage if you want to make sure people know you’re not smoking a traditional cigarette, but most brands offer unique colors that would have the same affect. I agree, they have done well creating a nice look and feel for their e-cigs, but once you start actually using the e-cigarette, there much to be desired.  Time and time again people come back with complaints about the durability and longevity of Blu Cigs.


Blu Flavor CartridgesA few years ago, Blu began working with another company, Johnson Creek, to provide the e-liquid for their cartridges.  This was a good move and significantly improved the quality of Blu’s vapor.  Johnson Creek makes all their “smoke juice” here in the United States, exclusively for Blu. If you are interested in a classic tobacco flavor, I would again recommend another brand.  All of our other top ranked brands offer at least 3 varieties of tobacco flavors as well a nice selection of other “fun” flavors.  That said, if you’re dead set on one of Blu’s unique flavors, it may be worth a try. Blu Cartridges are available in 7 flavors and 4 nicotine levels:

  • Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush, Java Jolt, Pina Colada, and Peach Schnapps.
  • High (16mg), Medium (12mg), Low (8mg), None (0mg)

You will find the vapor production to be a little lower with Blu than some of our other top ranked brands such as Green Smoke.  Another thing to keep in mind is Blu has been known to occasionally run out of stock, which can lead to some unwanted frustration.


Blu Cigs batteries are a low point and the most common complaint I hear about the company.  Recently some of their long-term customers have complained that the battery quality has really dropped off and they are left with batteries that can barely hold a charge. You may be thinking, well that’s ok they have a warranty.  That’s true, but their customer service is lacking as well.  We would recommend avoiding the hassle all together and choosing a better e-cigarette.  White Cloud provides the best battery in the business.


Blu Premium Smart PackProbably the best feature you get with Blu is their Premium Smart Pack which is really a cool idea, but is out of stock as I write this review.  The Smart Pack is made with “social features” that causes the pack to flash when you’re nearby another Blu user or a store that sells Blu Cigs. The Smart Pack can also charge your batteries on the go, which can come in handy when you’re on the road or out and about.  Fortunately, other companies have caught on and created their own improved charging packs with more features.  Again, our top 3 brands all offer top quality charging cases.

Our Recommendation

If you haven’t got the message by now, we do not recommend Blu Cigs.  The battery is a critical component of an electronic cigarette and this is something Blu needs to work on.  If you get lucky and get a workable battery, their cartridges are going to leave you wishing you had picked another brand.

Please, if you’re going to try electronic cigarettes for the first time take a look at our higher ranked brands and you will thank me later.

  • Shipping – Free shipping on all orders.
  • Warranty – 1 Year limited warranty.
  • Guarantee – 30 Days, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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