Just Say No To California E-Cigarette Bans

Just Say No To California Electronic Cigarette Bans

California is back at it with a new proposed bill that would treat electronic cigarettes just like the real thing.  This would allow the government to consider e-cigarettes as a hazard to the general health of the public.  If passed, this legislation would put strict bans on exactly where you can use your e-cig.  Potentially restricting you from legally vaping inside your own home with fines up to $500!

What Can You Do?

If you live in the Golden State of California, let your voice be heard!

Tomorrow, April 17th at 1:30pm is a hearing at the state capital in Sacramento, Room #4203 (john L. Burton room).  We would like you to call (916) 324-0384 or email alex.norring@sen.ca.gov, Alex Norring, the Senate Health Committee Assistant, letting him know that you would like them to vote No on SB 648.  Feel free to explain why you don’t think e-cigarettes should be treated the same as cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco.

Let whoever you can know:

  • You are completely against SB 648.
  • Electronic cigarettes don’t contain tobacco.  They should not be treated the same as cigarettes.
  • Imposing the same bans on e-cigs does not make sense and would make it harder for many people to successfully switch to electronic cigarettes.
  • Your story of how and why you have benefited from electronic cigarettes.

SB 648 California Electronic Cigarettes Bill

Details of SB 648

If you would like to read the bill for yourself, here is the link.  To read more about each member on the Senate Committee on Health, read this link at the CASAA.

Please, help us keep e-cigarettes free and clear from government regulation and taxation!

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