Which Celebrities Smoke Electronic Cigarettes? (50+ Photos)

Which Celebrities Smoke Electronic Cigarettes?

It’s no secret e-cigs are gaining popularity, but it may surprise you that A-list stars are joining in on the latest alternative to smoking craze.  Which celebrities have been caught smoking electronic cigarettes?  We have the full list, including pictures and videos below.

Leonardo DiCaprio

As a long time and well known e-cig user, Leo is the first on our list.  There’s almost enough pictures here to start his own photo album.  Is it just me or do a few of these look like Green Smoke electronic cigarettes?

Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking an E-Cigarette
Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking an E-Cig Leonardo DiCaprio Vaping E-Cigarettes
Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking E-Cigs Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking Electronic Cigarettes
Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking a Smokeless Cigarette Leonardo DiCaprio Smoking a Vapor Cigarette

Robert Pattinson

Twilight star Robert recently said he quit smoking and now uses electronic cigarettes.  Rumor has it Leonardo DiCaprio was the one to turn him on to e-cigs.  Unfortunately, he also said he uses disposables from 7-Eleven.

Robert Pattinson Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Robert Pattinson Smoking an E-Cigarette

Katherine Heigl

Possibly the most popular clip of a celebrity using electronic cigarettes was Katherine on the Tonight Show with David Letterman.  She even talked Dave into giving it a try!  A few of the pictures show a flashy girly e-cigarette, maybe a Vapor Couture?


Katherine Heigl Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Katherine Heigl with a Smokeless Cigarette
Katherine Heigl Smokingan E-Cigarette Katherine Heigl Smoking an E-Cig
Katherine Heigl Smoking a Vapor Cigarette

Lindsay Lohan

LiLO isn’t one to be left out of the spotlight.  She was more than happy to share how she was using a Blu Cig while on house arrest.

Lindsay Lohan Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Lindsay Lohan Smoking an E-Cigarette
Lindsay Lohan Smoking a Vapor Cigarette Lindsay Lohan Smoking an E-Cig

Johnny Depp

Bad boy Johnny Depp is certainly someone that could use a switch from cigarettes.  In the film The Tourist he did just that and took a few puffs from an electronic cigarette while watching the beautiful Angelina Jolie.

Christina Milian

Actress, singer, and songwriter was recently spotted in a bikini on a beach smoking an e-cig.  Looks like a great break after filming The Voice.

Christina Milian Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Christina Milian Smoking an Ecig

Dennis Quaid

Electronic cigarettes aren’t just for the wild and crazy youngsters.  Dennis was spotted using an e-cigarette in Beneath the Darkness.

Dennis Quaid Smoking E-Cigs Dennis Quaid Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Charlie Sheen

Chain smoker Charlie Sheen likes electronic cigarettes so much he was rumored to be starting his own e-cig company, NicoSheen.  While this would have been interesting, after waiting a few years nothing has come of it and it was likely just another PR stunt.

Charlie Sheen Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Charlie Sheen NicoSheen Electronic Cigarette

Courtney Love

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new and NJOY’s King electronic cigarettes was the first to get Courtney Love on camera.  True to her style, she ended up dropping an F-Bomb to get her point across.

Stephen Dorff

Another star who has taken a commercial spot for Blu is actor Stephen Dorff.  He is proudly displayed on their website.

Brittany Spears

After getting caught smoking traditional cigarettes many times, Britney is giving electronic cigarettes a try.

Britney Spears Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Paris Hilton

Like Britney, Paris isn’t afraid of getting her picture taken, especially while smoking an electronic cigarette.

Paris Hilton Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Paris Hilton Smoking an E-Cigarette


Jersey Shore star was spotted vaping an electronic cigarette in Cancun.  She says she has recently quit smoking.  Good for her!

JWOWW Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Catherine Zeta Jones

After getting caught once on camera with a cigarette, Catherine has been seen making the switch after husband Michael Douglas beats cancer.

Catherine Zeta Jones Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Zayn Malik

One Direction member, Zayn is spotted here vaping while taking a break from his pop band.

Zayn Malik Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Kyle Richards

From Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Kyle does an Allison DuBoise impression while puffing an electronic cigarette.

Kyle Richards Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Kevin Connolly

Entourage star has been seen a few times puffing on an electronic cigarette.

Kevin Connolly Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Kevin Connolly Smoking an E-Cigarette

Jose Canseco & Danny Bonaduce

Baseball All-star Jose and Radio and TV personality Danny have endorsed Smoking Everywhere.  This brand is no longer around, which is a good thing.

Jose Canseco and Danny Bonaduce Smoking Electronic Cigarettes

Trace Cyrus

Metro Station vocalist Trace Cyrus is a South Beach Smoke user.  It’s rumored he has passed on the tip to his troubled little sister, Miley Cyrus, but this has you to be proven.

Trace Cyrus Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Chris Brown

After a lawsuit accusing Chris of smoking marijuana, his lawyers were quick to point out he was actually using an electronic cigarette.  From this picture here, I’m not so sure, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Chris Brown Smoking Electronic Cigarettes Chris Brown Smoking Marijuana

Kevin Federline

Ex-husband of Britney Spears is clearly using an electronic cigarette in this picture.  It’s tough to tell, but could it be a V2 Cig?

Kevin Federline Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Michelle Rodriguez

Best known from film, The Fast and The Furious, Michelle doesn’t look to happy to be spotted using an electronic cigarette in her car.

Michelle Rodriguez Smoking an E-Cigarette Michelle Rodriguez Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Natasha Lyonne

Star of the movie American Reunion, Natasha recently spoke about her e-cigarette on the Rosie O’Donnell Show.  She said she made the switch after open heart surgery.

Natasha Lyonne Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Jennifer Coolidge

Best known from American Pie, Jennifer smoked an electronic cigarette on prime time in the show Two Broke Girls.

Jennifer Coolidge Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Carrie Fisher

Best known as Princess Leia from Start Wars, Carrie was not afraid to use her electronic cigarette during an extensive interview on the Today Show.

Carrie Fisher Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Carrie Fisher Smoking E-Cigarettes

Tom Petty

While there’s no e-cig in this picture, rock superstar told Parade magazine that electronic cigarettes have taken the edge off of smoking.

Tom Petty Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Ronnie Wood

After putting his electronic cigarette in his pocket while on Live with Kelly, Ronnie had to explain he was vaping, not smoking, to Kelly who asked Ronnie if he was going to start a fire.

Ronnie Wood Smoking an Electronic Cigarette Ronnie Wood Smoking an E-Cigarette

Dr. Milton Beauregard

FOX’s Alcatraz star said electronic cigarettes “may be the only thing about this century that I have found bearable”.

Dr. Milton Beauregard Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Eric Roberts and Costello Twins

Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is shown sporting a SmokeStik with the Castello Twins.  This is another brand that we’re glad to see is out of business.

Eric Roberts Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Taryn Manning

Another spokesperson for SmokStick is actress Taryn Manning.  She made it well know she has quit smoking cigarettes.

Taryn Manning Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Fred Armisen

Saturday Night Live actor Fred was filmed using an electronic cigarette with guest star Daniel Craig.

Fred Armisen Smoking an Electronic Cigarette

Other celebrities that have been known to smoke electronic cigarettes, but haven’t been caught on a camera yet include Mel Gibson, Miley Cyrus, Kate Moss, Ryan Seacrest, Ashley Greene, Nikki Reed, Harrison Ford, Jeremy Piven, Catherine Deneuve, Joe Bastianich, and Kate Middleton.

Know of any other celebrities who have been seen using electronic cigarettes?  Leave a comment and we will find the photo and update our list!

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