A to Z Electronic Cigarette Glossary

A to Z Electronic Cigarette Glossary

I know…  As if it wasn’t hard enough already to quit smoking.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, you may have noticed “vapers”, or e-cig users, have created a whole new culture around e-cigarettes, including what seems like a new language.

Use this guide or the search function (ctrl+F) to find a specific e-cigarette term or abbreviation.  The goal is to get rid of any extra barriers or confusion that may be in the way of you and finally switching to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette Glossary

Analog – Refers to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Atomizer – Part of the electronic cigarette that heats up and vaporizes the e-liquid.  In a two-piece design, this is included in the cartridge, or cartomizer.

Atty – Abbreviation for Atomizer.

Automatic – Battery option that doesn’t require the user to push a button to activate the electronic cigarette.  This option is easier to use and works just like a traditional cigarette when you take a puff.

Batt – Abbreviation for Battery.

Battery – Part of the electronic cigarette that provides the power to the atomizer, which turns the e-liquid into vapor.

Blanks – Refers to empty cartridges or cartomizers that can be filled with e-liquid by the user.

Cartridge – Part of the electronic cigarette that holds the e-liquid.

Carto – Abbreviation for Cartomizer.

Cartomizer – Refers to a cartridge/atomizer combo, which is part of the two-piece electronic cigarette design.  This allows for a fresher taste, improved performance, and an easier to use e-cigarette.

Carts – Abbreviation for Cartridges or Cartomizers.

CASAA – Consumer Advocacy for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. Non-profit organization formed to raise awareness and protect the right to access electronic cigarettes

Charger – Used to charge the batteries.  Electronic cigarette chargers come in many different styles and options.

Clearomizer – Clear cartomizer that allows the user to see the e-liquid.

Digital – Refers to an electronic cigarette, as opposed to an analog cigarette.

Disposables – Electronic cigarettes that come charged and assembled and are designed for a single use.  They can’t be charged or refilled, but are great for someone wanting to try electronic cigarettes.

Drip Tip – Used to fill an empty cartridge with e-liquid.  Can also be used as a mouthpiece for vaping.

Dripping – Adding e-liquid to an empty cartridge.

E-Cig or E-Cigarette – Abbreviations for an Electronic Cigarette.

E-Juice, E-Liquid, or E-Smoke – The solution stored in the cartridge that contains the flavored nicotine.  Also referred to as smoke juice.

ECE – Abbreviation for ECigExplorer.com

ECigExplorer – Website created with the goal of helping people find the perfect electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette – Device that heats up a flavored nicotine solution to create a vapor that can be inhaled.

FDA – Abbreviation for United States Food and Drug Administration.  The branch of the government that regulates food and drug products in the United States.  There is currently a lawsuit and debate about their role regarding electronic cigarettes.

Flooding – When there is too much e-liquid in the atomizer, causing it to not function properly.

Leaking – When e-liquid is overfilled and leaks out of a cartridge, possibly causing damage.  Not common with cartomizers.

LED – Abbreviation for Light emitting diode, the type of light used on the tip of the electronic cigarette that turns on when you take a puff, or when the battery is low or charged.

Manual – Battery option that requires the user to push a button to activate the electronic cigarette.  This option is popular among advanced users who want more control over vapor production.

Microcomputer or Microprocessor – Component of the battery that sends the power to the atomizer and LED light.

MG – Abbreviation for milligrams which refers to the nicotine concentration in the e-liquid.  Common nicotine levels are, 0mg – No nicotine, 6mg – Ultra Light, 12mg – Light, 18mg – Full, 24+mg – Extra or Bold.

Mod – A potentially dangerous, custom built electronic cigarette device.

Mouthpiece – Part of the electronic cigarette that goes in the users mouth.

Passthrough – Device that plugs directly into a USB port that allows for vaping without a battery.

PCC – Abbreviation for Personal Charging Case.

Personal Charging Case – Accessory that holds and charges electronic cigarettes on the go.  It is commonly designed to look like a pack of cigarettes.

Personal Vaporizer – Another name for an electronic cigarette, usually referring to a mod.

Pen Style – Refers to a style of electronic cigarette which resembles a ball point pen.

PG – Abbreviation for Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol – Substance used in e-liquid that allows the nicotine to be vaporized at low temperatures.  It is commonly found in inhalers, many food items, and is deemed safe for human consumption by the FDA.

PV – Abbreviation for Personal Vaporizer.

Smart Chip – Another name for the microcomputer in the battery.

Smoke Juice – The solution stored in the cartridge that contains the flavored nicotine.  Also referred to as E-Juice, E-Liquid, or E-Smoke.

Smokeless Cigarette – Another name for an electronic cigarette.

Starter Kit – Package including everything needed to get started with electronic cigarettes.  Includes batteries, flavor cartomizers, chargers, cases, and other accessories.

Stick Style – Refers to a style of electronic cigarette which resembles a traditional cigarette.

Tank – Cartridge that usually holds more e-liquid than a standard cartridge.

Throat Hit – Refers to the sensation felt at the back of the throat when vaping.  Most vapers like this sensation to mimic smoking a traditional cigarette.  Higher amounts of nicotine usually result in more throat hit.  Other factors include quality of the e-liquid, condition of the electronic cigarette equipment, and vaping techniques.

TVECA – Tobacco Vapor Electronic Cigarette Association.  Organization established to provide the media and lawmakers scientific facts about electronic cigarettes.

Two-Piece – Electronic cigarette design that includes a battery and a cartomizer.  Recommended style for new users.

Vape – To use an electronic cigarette.

Vaping – Refers to using an electronic cigarette.

Vapor – The water vapor produced when the e-liquid is heated by the atomizer.

Vaper – A person who uses an electronic cigarette.

Vaporizer – Another name for an electronic cigarette.

Vapor Cigarette – Another name for an electronic cigarette.

Vapor Production – Refers to the amount of vapor produced during each puff of the electronic cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerin – Alternative to Propylene Glycol as the substance used in e-liquid that allows the nicotine to be vaporized at low temperatures.  Usually produced from palm or coconut oils.

VG – Abbreviation for Vegetable Glycerin.

If there are any terms that aren’t listed, leave a comment and I’ll keep the list updated.

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