10 Reasons You Should Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

10 Reasons You Should Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

Did you know by 2011 over 1 in 5 smokers in the USA had tried an electronic cigarette? While the 2012 report has not been published yet, the number of e-cigarette users continues to grow very quickly.

Why are so many smokers trying and making the switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to the new alternative to smoking?

Health Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Although the FDA has not come out with any official studies about the health benefits of electronic cigarettes, it’s no secret traditional cigarettes are bad for you.

Electronic Cigarette Health BenefitsWe now know there are about 600 chemicals in cigarettes, which turn into over 4,000 when the tobacco cigarette is burned. We know too well the awful side effects of even a little bit of second-hand smoke and we have all seen ugly pictures of a smoker’s lungs. It’s very clear traditional cigarettes are very bad for you.

So, I can’t show you official research that proves electronic cigarettes are healthier than regular cigarettes, but the numbers don’t lie. Every day, more long-term smokers are making the switch to e-cigarettes for one reason or another.

If you know someone who uses e cigs, ask them why they made the switch. I’ve found more often than not, their reason is somehow related to health concerns.

Can Electronic Cigarettes Help You Quit?

Due to the lack of FDA findings, electronic cigarettes can’t be considered a smoking cessation device, but some researchers in Italy have their own opinion. They performed a study showing that smokers who were given an e cigarette cut their tobacco cigarette smoking by over half. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

I’m not a doctor, so I’ll leave the health issues to the experts. Putting this aside, here are 10 unique benefits and convincing reasons you should try the new alternative to smoking and make the switch to electronic cigarettes.

The Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Benefits of Switching to Electronic Cigarettes

  1. No Offensive Smoker’s Odor – Don’t worry, you’re not alone. No one wants to smell like a smoker. Tobacco cigarettes stink up your breath, clothes, car, and anywhere else you smoke. By making the switch to electronic cigarettes, you can ditch the offensive odor for good. Your friends, family, and co-workers will be sure to thank you.
  2. Freedom to Smoke Almost Anywhere – With the law getting stricter on smoking, you’re probably getting tired of the long list of places you can’t smoke. By switching to electronic cigarettes, you will gain the freedom to smoke in most places where traditional cigarettes are banned. Although some e-cigarettes have a classic white and tan look, many have a distinct style that won’t be confused with regular cigarettes.
  3. No Flame – Since electronic cigarettes are powered with a rechargeable battery, there’s no actual flame. When you inhale, the battery creates the vapor, so there’s no risk of starting a fire or burning yourself.
  4. No Ash, No Cigarette Butts – Even if you have an ashtray handy, tobacco cigarettes can leave quite a mess. With electronic cigarettes there’s no ash to accidentally get on your clothes, leave a burn mark, and there’s nothing to throw away.
  5. No Lighter – It happens. Sometimes you can’t find your lighter, it somehow “slipped” into your friends pocket, or you’re running low on fluid. Not an issue with electronic cigarettes. Just pull it out of the case and you’re ready to take your first puff.
  6. Convenience – Some people have reported when they made the switch, they began smoking less. Again, electronic cigarettes are not considered a smoking cessation device, but when you can just take a few puffs and put your e-cigarette back in it’s case, there’s no pressure to continue smoking just to finish your cigarette. Not only is it more convenient to pull out of it’s case, it’s just as easy to put it away.
  7. Save Money – One benefit I hear time and time again is that switching to electronic cigarettes saves you money. Depending on where you live, and how much you are paying for tobacco tax, you can end up paying half (or less) of what you usually pay for traditional cigarettes. Even when you include the upfront cost of a starter kit, it doesn’t take long before you’re saving significant a significant amount of money every month. As a bonus, you can let your insurance companies know you have made the switch and you’re likely to get some sizable discounts.
  8. Choose Your Nicotine – Electronic cigarettes give you flexibility and options by allowing you to choose a specific nicotine strength. You can choose between several strengths to give you exactly the nicotine you desire. Customize your experience by choosing from extra heavy, ultra light, and even zero to give you the same smoking sensation without the nicotine.
  9. Choose Your Flavor – Most electronic cigarette companies offer several flavor options including various tobacco styles, menthol or mint, sweets such as vanilla, mocha, or chocolate, fruits like strawberry, apple, or peach, and even cocktail flavors such as pina colada or Moscow mule. Talk to someone who has made the switch and you’re likely to hear them tell you which are their favorite flavors. With such a wide variety of flavors options, you can stick with a flavor that best matches your old brand or you can try something new.
  10. Excellent Customer Service – When you can call, email, or chat with any of our top ranked brand’s customer service, you will feel like a VIP. Our recommended e-cigarette brands all have knowledgeable customer service agents that are actually helpful and always friendly. Each of our top ranked brands also all offer benefits like free shipping, product warranties, and even a 30 day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.


I don’t know about you, but after reading through this list, it’s no wonder electronic cigarettes are quickly gaining popularity among smokers everywhere. It seems there not much to lose, but everything to gain.

What Do You Think?

Are you one of the 1 in 5 smokers who has tried an electronic cigarette? If so, leave a comment and let us know what you liked the most about making the switch.

V2 Cigs vs Tobacco Cigarettes

*V2 vs Tobacco Cigarettes (table originally found at V2Cigs.com)

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